Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Downspout Repair

We were called out to a home in Hummelstown to clean the gutters.  The customer was experiencing overflow  in several sections. Sometimes the issue is obvious.  There was debris in the entire gutter.  Sometimes, however, it requires a deeper inspection.  One of the spouts had a special issue that we don't see everyday.

  Here you can see the pooling water in the gutter.

 We went through and cleaned the spouting as we normally do.  When we reached one of the downspouts, we found it was clogged with something other than debris.  While the gutters were due a cleaning, a bigger issue was that they were never installed properly.  The installer failed to punch a hole for one of the downspouts.

Pictured here is the downspout fail.

Since we couldn't yet finish with a flush of the downspout, I punched a hole into the gutter and fitted the downspout back on.  

Now, rainwater can flow down all of the spouts at this Hummlestown home.  They should only need semi-annual cleanings to remove natural debris from the spouts.

If you are experiencing overflow issues with your home's gutter system in York, Lancaster, or Harrisburg area, contact us today.